In a culture where the piercing of ears is the norm, people’s attention is often drawn to this part of the body. More and more people, particularly women, suffer when the firmness and volume of their earlobes is lost. With the aid of hyaluronic acid, the desired earlobe correction can easily be made allowing the earlobes to regain their youthful plumpness. Wearing earrings will give you pleasure again and people’s attention will be focused on a well-shaped eye catcher.

The treatment

No preparation is required for earlobe correction and the treatment is virtually pain-free. The hyaluronic acid gives the piercing new stability allowing all types of earrings to be worn without the ear having a stretched appearance. If necessary, we will also treat neighboring areas. As earlobes are passive and hardly ever move, a long-term effect is to be expected from the injected hyaluronic acid.

Useful information at a glance

Treatment location: Baden-Baden
Treatment duration: approx. 30 minutes
Follow-up check: approx. 2½ weeks after the first treatment
Presentable: normally straight away
Pregnant/Breastfeeding women: treatments during pregnancy or while breastfeeding are not recommended
Miscellaneous: the results are immediately visible and reach their maximum effect within approximately 2 weeks. To ensure the best results are achieved with regard to earlobe correction, fine corrections will be made during the follow-up check when necessary.

If you have any questions on the treatment of earlobe correction or would like to arrange a no-obligation consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone, by filling in the contact form or by using our call-back service.

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The Dr. Yusuf Yildirim aesthetics Team