In aesthetics medicine a face is deemed beautiful when it is defined by straight contours connected to one another in a triangular form. With increasing age this distinctive characteristic becomes displaced: the beautiful, classic, oval shape of the face increasingly becomes more rectangular. With the aid of hyaluronic acid this modifying process can be successfully counteracted.

Chin and jaw augmentation

Adding volume to often neglected or even ignored areas such as the chin and lower jaw will give you a more attractive and fresher look instantly. Specifically replacing lost volume will help the so-called marionette lines vanish at the transition between the lower lip and chin. The chin will be somewhat emphasized and the idea of the inversed triangle is once again restored. The great advantage of this treatment is that this minimal and particularly risk-free intervention achieves sensational results that last – if necessary with a short refresher treatment – approximately 12 to 18 months.

Temple region

The skin covering the temples is extremely thin supported only by a small amount of underlying tissue. Due to volume loss the temples become hollow over time. The consequence is a disproportioned face that is less attractive and perceived as being somewhat harsh. This natural phenomenon can be controlled by a combination of cross-linked, viscous hyaluronic acid, outstanding know-how from the administrating doctor and great sensitivity for this highly demanding area. The face will appear more beautiful, more feminine and have a softer feel – and, of course, naturally looking proportions.


The forehead contours determine how soft or stern and how masculine or feminine a face appears. Nevertheless it is the forehead wrinkles and not the contours that stand out. Bulging eyebrows or a receding forehead are perceived as being strict, hostile or even angry. Effective relief from this can be provided by a treatment with hyaluronic acid.

The treatment

The shaping of the chin area, the temples or the forehead with hyaluronic acid require the expertise of experienced specialists. The treatment itself is painless, has a lasting effect and is risk-free when conducted by experienced hands. The excellent results last for 12 months depending upon the patient. Slight side effects such as bruising or light swelling are possible in individual cases but these will completely disappear within a short while.


Useful information at a glance

Treatment location: Baden-Baden
Treatment duration: approx. 20-30 minutes (per region)
Follow-up check: approx. 2-3 weeks after the first treatment
Presentable: normally straight away
Pregnant/Breastfeeding women: treatments during pregnancy or while breastfeeding are not recommended
Miscellaneous: the results are immediately visible and reach their maximum effect within approximately 2 weeks. To ensure the best results are achieved with regards to forehead, temple and/or chin augmentation, fine corrections will be made during the follow-up check when necessary.

If you have any questions on the treatment to the forehead, temple or chin regions or would like to arrange a no-obligation consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone, by filling in the contact form or by using our call-back service.

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The Dr. Yusuf Yildirim aesthetics Team