There are wrinkles that give the face a sad, tired and generally negative appearance. The mentolabial folds, also known as marionette lines, belong to these. Over the years, they dig deeper into the skin diagonally downwards from the corner of the mouth to the jaw. They are caused by a pronounced facial expression, muscle action (depressor anguli oris) and volume loss in this area of the face. In general, injections with hyaluronic acid are suitably sufficient to remove this unpopular phenomenon. If necessary, the effects of the muscles can also be minimized with a botulinum toxin treatment in the area around the mouth.

Our service

Following a detailed consultation, an analysis of the severity of the marionette lines and an in-depth explanation of the treatment methods, we will draw up a treatment plan specifically for you. The hyaluronic acid and, if necessary, the supplementary botulinum toxin are carefully injected using a very fine needle. The treatment of mentolabial folds is virtually painless and administering an anesthetic is normally not necessary. In addition to restoring lost volume the corners of the mouth are built up in such a way that they will, if anything, point upwards allowing the facial expression to once again have a softer, more relaxed and happier look.


Useful information at a glance

Treatment location: Baden-Baden
Treatment duration: approx. 20 minutes
Follow-up check: 2 weeks after the first treatment
Presentable: normally straight away
Pregnant/Breastfeeding women: treatments during pregnancy or while breastfeeding are not recommended
Miscellaneous: the results of removing marionette lines are immediately visible with the optimum effect developing after approximately 2 weeks. If necessary, very slight modifications will be made during the follow-up check.

If you have any questions on the treatment of marionette lines or would like to arrange a no-obligation consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone, by filling in the contact form or by using our call-back service.

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The Dr. Yusuf Yildirim aesthetics Team