Diode laser treatment is a gentle and therefore highly effective technique for tightening skin on the face, neck and décolletage. Skin problems such as acne or enlarged pores can also be successfully treated with the diode laser.

What does a treatment with the diode laser entail?
Once the respective area of skin has been thoroughly cleansed, the diode laser beam is applied in a controlled manner. To protect the eyes during the painless treatment protective glasses are worn.

Is it possible to undergo social activities after the diode laser treatment?
A slight reddening of the skin occurs directly after being treated with the diode laser but this quickly fades away. In some individual cases small flakes will occur but these will soon fall off allowing new fresh skin to come through.

Are there risks and side effects from being treated with a diode laser?
During a detailed consultation we will explain everything to you about this treatment technique and things to observe afterwards. Treatment with the diode laser is in general very well tolerated.