The innovative ScarLet radio frequency treatment from Korea is already being use in Japan, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Turkey and the Czech Republic with outstanding success. Aesthetic treatments for skin tightening, pore enhancement and acne treatment are achieving fascinating results. Even eye bags can be significantly reduced thanks to this new treatment method. Without risks or side effects, the bipolar radio frequency treatment helps your skin achieve a firmer, revived and youthful appearance.

How does ScarLet radio frequency treatment work?
ScarLet is a so-called microneedling device that emits a bipolar radio frequency current into the skin’s deep layer (dermis). The upper skin layer (epidermis) remains undamaged. The emitted bipolar current stimulates new collagen production (new synthesis), and, at the same time, the resulting heat regroups the existing collagenous connective tissue. This dual effect brings about the perfect result of instant skin tightening. In contrast to the familiar Thermage monopolar treatment, less heat is generated from the bipolar ScarLet radio frequency treatment which prevents the irreversible denaturation of protein in the skin.

What happens during the ScarLet radio frequency treatment?
Internal studies have revealed that not all skin types are suitable for ScarLet radio frequency treatment. Therefore a detailed consultation with the doctor will always take place before each treatment to analyze if there is a benefit for the patient’s skin. If there is, an anesthetic cream is applied prior to the start of the treatment. After what is in principle a painless procedure, slight reddening and swelling may occur in isolated cases. After 2-3 hours, or 24 hours at the very latest, this will completely disappear leaving a firm and even toned skin.

Are there any risks or side effects?
In principle, ScarLet radio frequency treatments are very well tolerated. All details regarding the treatment will be discussed beforehand during a compulsory consultation.