The IPL laser offers reliable relief in particular to unpleasant facial skin changes such as age spots, pigmented lesions or vascular blemishes (couperose/rosacea/teleangiectasia). The technique can also be counted on for effective skin rejuvenation. The IPL laser uses a broad spectrum of light. Its light energy is converted into heat in the skin which in turn removes the undesired blemishes without affecting the surrounding skin tissue. At the same time, the body’s own production of collagen fibers is also stimulated. The result is a younger, firmer skin with a more even tone.

What happens during the treatment with the IPL laser?
The IPL laser is applied in a controlled manner to the freshly cleansed area of skin. During the painless treatment safety glasses are always worn to protect the eyes.

Is it possible to undergo social activities after the IPL laser treatment?
Directly after the IPL laser treatment the skin will experience slight reddening which will, however, quickly fade away. Occasionally small crusts may form but these will soon fall off allowing new fresh skin to come through – an effect that will give you the desired skin tightness.

Are there any risks or side effects from the treatment with the IPL laser?
In principle, treatments with the IPL laser are very well tolerated. Specific details with regard to the treatment will be discussed beforehand during an in-depth consultation.