In ancient Egypt, shaving off the eyebrows was one of the customary funeral rituals. In other cultures it was forbidden to pluck them as altering the eyebrows was apparently against God’s will. Today’s somewhat neglected eyebrows play an important role in the face’s overall aesthetic effect: they help provide you with a fresh, wide-awake and friendly facial expression. The unavoidable sinking of the eyebrows is something that accompanies the natural aging process leaving the face with a sad, tired or even fierce appearance. And eyelids that are already drooping will be intensified by this sinking process. Non-surgical eyebrow lifting counteracts this process and restores the face’s beautiful radiance – all without anesthetic and surgical intervention.

Eyebrow lift with botulinum toxin
An eyebrow lift with botulinum toxin involves the muscles responsible for pulling the eyebrows down being relaxed for a limited period of time. The botulinum toxin is injected very precisely into specific muscles stopping them from pulling the eyebrows down for approximately 4-6 months – the prerequisite for a friendly, alert look.

Eyebrow lift with hyaluronic acid
By means of supplementary treatment with hyaluronic acid the positive effects of the minimally invasive eyebrow lift can be increased and the desired look can be even more effective.

Eyebrow lift with the fractional laser
The above mentioned methods are not sufficient for remodeling the eyebrows as wished if the upper eyelids are severely sagging. In this case, the surplus skin is carefully removed with a fractional laser giving the skin better elasticity.

The treatment

All information concerning the individual therapy and the treatment methods are firstly discussed in detail with the patient. The most suitable method or methods for that particular patient are then chosen. The injection treatments require no special preparation. If the alternative or supplementary laser treatment is required, an anesthetic cream is applied to the skin before the eyebrow lift takes place. The best results are reached after several days of convalescing.

Useful information at a glance

Treatment location: Baden-Baden
Treatment duration: approx. 20 -30 minutes depending on which treatment
Follow-up check: approx. 2 -3 weeks after the first treatment
Presentable: normally straight away
Pregnant/Breastfeeding women: treatments during pregnancy or while breastfeeding are not recommended
Miscellaneous: the maximum treatment effect with botulinum toxin is only reached after approximately 10 days. The results of an eyebrow lift without surgical intervention with botulinum toxin/hyaluronic acid are therefore only partly visible immediately after the treatment with the full effects being reached within approximately 2-3 weeks. To ensure the best results are achieved, fine corrections will be made during the follow-up check when necessary.

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The Dr. Yusuf Yildirim Aesthetics Team