Frown lines – also known as glabellar lines – are particularly disturbing for those affected as they give the face a tense, angry and unfriendly appearance. The demand to have these lines smoothed is therefore high. As these vertical lines between the eyebrows result from tensing specific forehead muscles, they can be easily and effectively treated with botulinum toxin. Removing relatively flat frown lines normally requires only one treatment with botulinum toxin which relaxes the muscles on your brow resulting in the wrinkle depth being visibly reduced. Distinctive frown lines with deep furrows and sharp lines require a supplementary treatment with hyaluronic acid. The result in both cases is a beautiful, radiant face that appears younger and friendlier.

The treatment

Minimal doses of the botulinum protein are injected very precisely into the respective muscle using micro-fine needles in what is a virtually pain-free process. The substance blocks the impulse emitted from the nerve cell that causes muscle contraction allowing the muscle to relax and the wrinkles to disappear.

Useful information at a glance

Treatment location: Baden-Baden
Treatment duration: approx. 20 minutes
Follow-up check: approx. 2 weeks after the first treatment
Presentable: normally straight away
Pregnant/Breastfeeding women: treatments during pregnancy or while breastfeeding are not recommended
Miscellaneous: the maximum treatment effect with botulinum toxin (Botox) is only reached after approximately 10 days. The results of removing frown lines with botulinum toxin/hyaluronic acid are therefore only partly visible immediately after the treatment with the full effects being reached within approximately 2 weeks. To ensure the best results are achieved, fine corrections will be made during the follow-up check when necessary.

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The Dr. Yusuf Yildirim Aesthetics Team