Permanent hair removal for permanent results

Discover the pleasant, painless and safest way to permanently remove hair. SOFTSKIN: the name speaks for itself! Strong hair growth on the face, under the arms, legs, back or stomach is perceived by the person affected, and not only them, as unaesthetic and disturbing. Normally, one reverts to conventional methods such as constant shaving, waxing, plucking or epilating. The time-consuming procedures are extremely annoying and bear the risk of causing unpleasant skin irritations. The heartfelt wish of course is for a smooth, hair-free skin. With the use of innovative laser technology, Dr. Yusuf Yildirim Aesthetics offers you the next generation of permanent hair removal remedies – the easy way to a gentle, hair-free skin.

With SHR – Super Hair Removal – our team of experts will take account of all your skin’s individual needs. After a personal consultation and a detailed hair analysis, we will devise the best possible treatment solution for you.

What equipment is used for permanent hair removal?

With regard to permanent hair removal we focus primarily on methods that have been repeatedly proven. In addition to the high quality LightSheer diode laser and IPL Quantum systems we also offer laser treatments with high-power pulse technology (Clearlight laser). Permanent hair removal at Dr. Yusuf Yildirim Aesthetics is efficient, precise and tailored to your skin’s individual needs.

IPL Quantum
The IPL Quantum is one of the best machines on the market at present. Visible results will be achieved even after the first treatment. Hair growth is slower, less hair actually grows and what does grow is thinner. A treatment with the IPL Quantum also reliably removes hair with low melanin content. Multiple wavelengths also remove light, fine hair as found for instance on the face.

Clearlight laser
Thanks to the laser light’s high penetration depth (750nm-808nm) the Clearlight laser alone can reach stubborn hair roots on, for instance, the legs, under the arms and in the bikini zone. Ideal cooling of the skin’s surface prevents any skin burns.

Frequently asked questions on permanent hair removal
In the following we answer the most important questions concerning the treatment methods we use.

What actually happens to the hair during permanent hair removal?
The offending hair root is removed by the precise action of the laser light. This is only possible during the growth phase of the hair root and when the wavelength and energy intensity of the laser have been specifically set. This sophisticated process therefore requires the know-how of experienced experts. To guarantee permanent removal several sittings are necessary at 4-6 week intervals.

What happens during the treatment?
Firstly the beautician applies a gel to the skin’s surface that focuses the energy of the laser light on the target. There is no scattering loss between the machine and the skin.
The laser head applied to the skin’s surface emits intermittent laser pulses. As expected from a gentle treatment, the skin is cooled and the eyes protected with safety glasses during the process. Attracted by the dark color of melanin, the laser pulse then penetrates the hair follicle destroying it with its heat and therefore permanently suppressing hair formation. The treatment concludes with the gel being removed and a cortisone ointment being applied. The results are documented in detail and monitored at intervals of 6-8 weeks.

What must be paid attention to during the laser treatment?
The relevant area of skin should be shaved one to two days before the treatment.
The skin is to be cleaned thoroughly before the treatment.
The treatment is also possible during summer. Sunbathing and solariums should however be avoided on month before and one month after the treatment.
Before the treatment the hair must not be waxed, plucked, bleached or treated with depilatory cream.

For how long is the permanent hair removal effective?
In the first sitting 20-30 percent of the hair will be removed. Complete hair removal requires 6-10 sittings. Long-term studies confirm that professionally conducted hair removal removes hair for good from the treated areas.

Why is permanent hair removal at Dr. Yusuf Yildirim Aesthetics fast and painless?
Thanks to new laser technology the follicles can be quickly and precisely heated without impacting on the surrounding tissue. The fact that patients rate that the process as being gentle and pain free is due to the special pulse system and the compressor-controlled sapphire cooling. Due to the larger laser area, treatment times are shorter and several areas may be treated in one sitting, if wished.