Within the scope of the ALLERGAN Medical Aesthetics Academy, Dr. Yildirim offers medical practitioners regular hands-on training courses on the safe handling of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin. Learn more about three-dimensional methods for facial observation and treatment and profit from Dr. Yildirim’s years of expertise.

Botulinum toxin type A for beginners

Course contents: The relevance of three-dimensional observation and analyzing the causes of wrinkle formation in the upper part of the face. Preparation of a treatment plan for the upper part of the face using VISTABEL®* with the aim of achieving the best possible aesthetic results and fulfilling individual patient needs. Intensive hands-on training on appropriate test persons.

Fillers for beginners

Course contents: Three-dimensional observation of the face. Using Juvedérm® ULTRA 2, 3 & 4 for the first time. Formation of static wrinkles and volume loss, treatment of traditional filler indications e. g. nasolabial folds, fine lines. Patient selection and tips on introducing aesthetic services to your practice. Intensive hands-on training on appropriate test persons.

Special course on fillers for experienced users

Course contents: Three-dimensional observation and treatment of the face. Face lifts in the cheek and chin areas with Juvedérm® VOLUMATM. Illustrating the causes of volume loss as well as demonstrating the treatment possibilities with different injection techniques (sharp needle, blunt cannula). The aim of the course is the preparation of an effective treatment concept for patients and to learn how to use Juvedérm® VOLUMATM safely and properly. Intensive hands-on training on appropriate test persons.

Special lips workshop

Course contents: Natural lip enhancement and treatment of the perioral region. Familiarizing yourself with VYCROSSTM technology features and learning about special injection techniques for Juvedérm® VOLUMATM and VOLBELLA® in theory and in practice.

Please reserve you place in good time as participation numbers are limited!


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